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Window Replacement Options for the Homeowner


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Bay and bow windows are a great choice to open up a room and let more light in as well as making the room feel larger. Bay windows typically have three sections, a center picture window in a flat position in relation to the room and two side single or double hung windows positioned at forty five degree angles.

Bow windows are usually three or more windows in a rounded configuration to create space in a room. Bow windows can use a combination of fixed and opening panes.

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Our company offers bay and bow custom windows. Homeowners may choose between these two for window replacement. Bay and bow windows are a great choice to open up a room and let in more light, as well as for making the room feel larger.

For homeowners who want more light to fill their house, bow window is the right window replacement. The curves of these custom windows create the illusion of being one huge window. Bow windows usually consist of three or more windows in a rounded configuration to create more space in a room.

If you want a window that allows for a greater view of the outside, then a bay window would be perfect as window replacement. These custom windows project angled corners. This type of custom window is a perfect window replacement for houses with Victorian architecture since this window originates from that architectural style.

The custom windows we offer add beauty to a house due to their sophisticated structure and features. It is good to consider these facts before choosing between a bow and bay window for window replacement:

  • The architecture of the house
  • The location where you plan to install the window
  • How much you want a view of the outside


Custom Made Vinyl Windows for Maximum Performance

Homeowners may choose from a variety of custom made vinyl windows our company offers. This gives homeowners the opportunity to choose whichever custom made vinyl windows suit their needs for their house.

Vinyl windows are low maintenance and also help homeowners save energy and money. There is no need to repaint and sand vinyl windows. The plastic vinyl is also durable which makes vinyl windows last for almost a lifetime.

Another known advantage of vinyl windows is their ability to become great thermal insulators. Compared to other materials used for window replacement, Vinyl windows are known to be energy-efficient, especially during the winter season. The plastic material PVC used in vinyl windows is given a high R which means that it’s a great insulator of heat.

Other advantages of Vinyl Windows are the following:

  • Costs less
  • Is recyclable
  • Comes in different custom designs


Custom Windows - Expect the Best from WCV Windows

We provide one of the best custom windows and have long history of experience in window replacement. We come highly recommended when it comes to custom windows. The only reason for this is that our custom windows are of top quality for window replacement.

We put our heart as well as all our knowledge into making these custom windows since we want to provide quality vinyl windows to those who need window replacement.

We live by our quality service so you can be assured about the custom vinyl windows that we offer for window replacement. We live to satisfy our customers through:

  • Providing top-quality custom windows
  • Customized design that suits the homeowners’ tastes
  • Products that last a lifetime

When it comes to custom windows, trust only WCV Windows. We know what is best for you and your window replacement needs.